Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So who's going to look after the sick in Rural Australia now?

457 Visas abolished and Not A Thing mentioned by any of the Commentariat about the immigrant doctors and how this will effect the Health Services outside of the City Centres.

Doctors from overseas are brought to Oz to fill workforce shortages in rural areas- the places where few Aussie doctors want to practice. So what happens when it's time for them to renew their 457 visas, and who's going look after the rural and regional medical needs if they fail?

This cartoon:

Doctor visiting the Dept. of Immigration Office, making her 457 renewal application -- and asking a pertinent question. Turnbull is giving the answer that matters to him.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The UN-safe schools Program gets the well deserved HOOK in NSW

This is my comment on the so called "Safe school" program, that has just had its funding pulled by the NSW Govt. I couldn't be happier!

The focus of addressing ANY anti-social behaviour in our society is definitely a priority of course, for any stable Society to exist, and School Bullying is certainly one of these EVILS that need to be addressed properly and without further delay by all of our Educational Institutions.

Zero tolerance on such sick behaviour is definitely the way that works effectively, in my opinion, followed up by serious counselling for the ones causing the assaults. The victims should never be forgotten either in this regard. We just need teachers that aren't afraid of actually calling out and stopping such terrible and LIFE DAMAGING behaviour. Rip the weed out before it can grow, so to speak.

From the inception of this Safe Schools idea of the Gillard Govt., I immediately recognised a new vehicle of Social Engineering, via that old Political Correctness Card of Gender division, contributing to the continued emasculation of Males in our Western Civilisation by the Marxist 'Long March through our Institutions'.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Talking the Talk and Walking it

Strike on Syria

Got hand it to Trump. He is now improving his "at home approval ratings". I would say that the world is also approving of this strike. Clearly this is dangerous stuff but hey, who thinks that we are not having to live and deal with a very dangerous World?

Clearly diplomacy has failed with Assad & the 800 pound Gorilla in the room, Vlad Putin.

North Korea may not be so easy to deal with, as if this is easy at all!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Up the Priority Creek without a Paddle or a Clue.

"What's the worse that can happen?"

Probably the most famous of all last words. It displays a true lack of wisdom and a sloth's complacency, that unfortunately we in The so called Free First World Secular Liberal West, will no doubt soon understand as our greatest and last act of folly -- if we don't rally now and fight harder against our emboldened enemies.

Whilst The USA and Russia (with North Korea, Iran & China in the wings) pick a fight over Syria and risk absolute Armageddon, as they fight over Israel and the Palestine, along with the control of the most addictive substance on the planet,.... OIL, our "She'll be right mate" idiotic Politicians, quibble for votes, like Gulls over a few potato chips, posturing & pandering over nothing issues that are the World to minor lobbies with agenda's not suitable in a civilised, natural Society, nor fitting the Australian way of life.

This Premier of Victoria thinks that Children will grow to be better human beings, if they are denied Disney fairy tale adventures and spend their precious youth learning about the distortion of the natural world and how to be a perfect robotic citizen of the future. If this isn't indoctrination and child abuse of itself, then I am not here.

Meanwhile a naturally occurring coral bleaching breaks out in a nothing area of the GREAT Barrier Reef, and it's all our fault because we decided 200 years ago to industrialise and improve our way of life, whilst Homosexuals keep trying to convince our weak kneed  Law Makers, that black is white and a round peg fits easily and naturally into a square hole, whilst using words like Equality and Love as the reason for their "natural attraction"

Most of them are not aware that they are USEFUL IDIOTS is a long planned game to assist the Marxist Agenda in destroying the foundation stones of the NATURAL SOCIETY that we live in, The Family Unit which is still stronger than any Government Control.

Nature requires males and females to breed in order for us to survive. That is the NATURAL cause of why Homosexuals are in a vast minority, nature doesn't want it to happen.

I have had my children and done my bit for the continuation of Mankind, but on days when it looks to me as if God is just going to come out of the Heavens at any minute and wipe out this perverted, sick and wicked World for doing the opposite of what we all know is normal and correct, then I almost regret having brought them into this stuffed up broken place.

Then I remember why I wanted them and what I must do to help them. The same as my parents and their parents and their parents and so on did, FIGHT!!!

That's what I needed to say to get that off my chest, and make no mistake, the enemies of God and the Natural Order, Peace and Love and all that is Good, have not won this Battler,  they have only woken this Soldier of God, and I know that they will not win this WAR!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


My good friend and fellow Libertarian Warrior, The Unstoppable Wordsmith, Mr Peter Brun of Sydney, has inspired me with one of his many wonderful limericks.

Peter has given me permission to compliment his words with my art and I have come up with this cartoon.

I hope that you can see what I see and I know that many Libertarians, Conservative or not, can also see,that our "Pandering to the Doctors Wives Turncoat Usurping PM", is now using the 18C/D FIGHT to APPEAR to be fighting for what Australians such as Bill Leak, Peter Brun and you and I, do everyday. All in order to claw back the support of the Liberty loving Conservative base, who are jumping out of the PM's sinking ship and running to the likes of Cory Bernardi and The PHON Party.

This recent Turnbull posturing on the way overdue 18C reform, has only been motivated by the consistently growing internal and external demands to do something about this treacherous legislation, before Bill Shorten (who should be unelectable ) becomes our next Socialist PM. And alas it took the death of Bill Leak to kick our PM into making a public effort to correct this great wrong that infects another of our shameful great wrongs, The AHRC.

His pretence is too little too late for Bill Leak and the others already touched by this direct assault on our Liberty. The PM knew that his words were a performance piece and that the hostile leftist Senate would not allow the amendments, so why did he bother? ..... To appear to do something, of course!

How many more Australians will be silenced by this filthy Act before it is finally removed?

I just don't know but I am sure that I am in likeminded company here, when I say that the fight must never stop!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In Harmony They Fall

Prime Minister Turnbull commits to 18C race-hate law reform

I started this toon just before the LNP announcement on 18C/D. Seems not much will change anyway, Wouldn't Bill be shaking his head now.The Senate is still as hostile to this much needed amendment, Xeno, Greens and ALP will block it.

It took the PREMATURE DEATH of our dearest friend Bill, to create enough Political Tension with the Coalition ranks to actually act, which speaks volumes of their House of Representation.

A POX ON THEM BOTH, and although PM Turnbull is now talking the talk, he is clearly only talking, in my opinion.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Vale Bill Leak

I'm in Qld at present, it's 5:30 am here. I drove up alone last Friday and it was as I was approaching Harrington, that an old friend and fellow brother in ink called me to tell me that Bill had passed.

Here I was all full of joy and bounce, excited about attending the Marriage of one of my two younger brothers (I never thought that I would see this day ) and then that tragic news.

Bill Leak and I have been friends for over 25 years. He was one of the first professionals in this game that I had ever met and his encouragement and inspiration back then and everyday since, has truly helped to mould me as an editorial artist.

He wasn't sick nor did I know of any heart condition, he led quite a health lifestyle. He had just launched his new book last week and just last year had Married his long time partner Goong. He is a father of two, Johannes and Jasper.

The Australian cartooning profession has lost an immense treasure and one of it's more illustrious sons in Bill Leak.

As most of us know in recent years, Bill's cartoons attracted much controversy and polarized public opinion, but he proved to be resolute and fearless in the application of his craft. A true warrior for Free Speech and against Political Correctness and the Evil that currently permeates and pollutes this World, in the form of Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Between 1987 and 1998, Bill amassed 20 Stanley Awards to his credit, eight of those for Cartoonist of the Year and they remain the benchmark for those who follow in his wake.

So my brother married yesterday and is now on his honeymoon and  I have remained awake and working all night to complete this honourable piece for an already much missed mate, a Brother in INK!

God must have given me a tip, because I had no plan on taking any of my drawing equipment with me, not even a laptop BUT as I was just about to leave home, I had an irresistible urge to gather all of my studio needs, just in case an important news event occurred and I need to get a piece done!

Gotta trust that gut feeling, always!